How it Works

Latest, 05/09: We are now asking people to let us have a contact telephone number to make sure we can reach them after they have placed their order. See why

AOL and Yahoo subscribers may have problems receiving our alert emails because their providers appear to be filtering out commercial emails. They say it is to block spam, but it is part of a campaign to introduce charges for sending email to their customers. See why

Getting Started

  • Select your product from the menu on the front page
  • On the product page you will find:
    • a BLUE PANEL, for uploading images, &
    • a PINK PANEL for sending us your order details
  • Go to the blue panel and pload your Image. Use the Browse button to select your file from the harddrive.
  • You should make sure your image is in JPG (the filename ends in ".jpg") format and that it is not larger than 1.5 megabytes.
  • Now you can use the Pink Panel to fill in your order form. Make sure you write the name of the image file and not the name of the subject.
    • For example, the image may be of a child called Ben, but if the filename is 0034567.jpg, then that is how we will identify it on our servers and match it to your order.
  • We will contact you by email within a day with details of your online preview
  • You select your prererred version and proceed to our payment pages
  • If you are in the UK, you can also complete your purchase by telephone
  • PS: If you ask for a preview and do not provide feedback, no further orders will be accepted from your email address.

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Large Images

With large image files or slower Internet connections, you should send us your order by email. The maximum files size we accept for email orders is around 1.5 Megabytes
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Using Print Photographs
-- Order By Surface Mail --

If you want to use a print photograph you can place your order by mail
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The Free Preview Page

This is what you will receive after you have ordered a free preview and given us your image. Only 1 set of previews is offered free per customer.
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Ready to ship in 2 weeks
after payment

After you have approved your preview and paid in full your gift will be ready for shipping within 10 working days. Goods are shipped by Royal Mail registered delivery.


Customers are responsible for all reproduction rights attached to the images they submit for fabric printing.

Problems? Contact us at rosablue [at] rosablue.com
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