June 2006

Why our emails do not always reach you

We make every effort to produce a product preview within a day of receiving your order. However, we have noted that not all our emails are reaching
their destination.

To ensure that your Rosablue emails get to your inbox, please add to your address list or safe list.

Phone numbers/Text Service
From October 2006 we have asked for new customers to include a Text contact number. This is because so many emails are being missed. If you want us to follow up on an order you must provide us with a number where we can confirmed you have received your preview.

Your Data
We only use customer data information to manage the orders in production. We seldom, if ever, send out marketing emails and do not share data with any other individual or company.

Spam Filters
Service providers are adding more and more filters to their email services in an attempt to block unwanted email. This can result in "false positives" binning legitimate emails, such as ours. Please check your settings or your spam folders. Our email may have been wrongly classified.

There is a particular problem with customers who use the AOL mail services.
If you are an AOL subscriber, you can place your order by surface mail or by telephone.

Feedback/New Images
If you want to change an image, please use the feedback form promptly to reject your original preview. This alerts us that we need to make a change. You can then send us the new image as an attachment by return email and note the one you wish to replace